It's rather quiet here at Port today. Over the last few days, all of the students have gone home because their semester is over. The last student left this morning. And we were sad to see them go. 

Over the past month, they became our family here. Our community. They laughed with us. Cried with us. Loved on our kids. Gave us much-needed coffee breaks. Helped us navigate the public transpiration system. Played fùtbol with Wagner when we were too sore and exhausted. Walked with us into buy a cake. Prayed for us. Gave us surprise gifts. Wrote us letters of encouragement. We are so thankful that God had this place and these people set aside for this time. This process would have been much more difficult without them. They brought light to the dark places we had to walk through with our kids. They are now a part of our story, and they will forever be special to us. :)

As I type this, Michael is trying to secure new flights home. Many people all over the world are praying for us right now. We are praying that God will work out the details and the finances. We are very ready to come home!

We have been amazed by how quickly our documents have arrived in our hands. Our lawyer, Yolanda, or Tía Yoli, as the kids call her, is responsible for all of it!  We are so thankful for her and her love and hard work for our family!  She is the best!

So we don't want her hard work on our family's behalf to go to waste!  We want to come home and start real life. But at this point, it's looking like it will be more costly to come home than to stay.  Again, we are in a place where only God can do anything to change our situation. That has become a daily theme..sometimes hourly...even minutely (is that even a thing??)

We need Thee every hour. Whether we stay or go home...  God has provided so many things for us along this journey ...not just finances. He provided this place and these students. He's provided us with brand new friends all over this city. He has blessed us with drivers who love Jesus and genuinely care about our kids. He directed us to Lifeline, our agency, and blessed us with Iris and Yolanda, who have walked with us through every step of this process. And against all odds, we have these kids. He is good, and He is big enough to do this, too. 

Keep praying for us!


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