Friends and family keep asking us, "What's the latest news?"  And unfortunately, there's no news yet from CR.  We know that our dossier was submitted about 2 weeks ago.  And for now, we're still waiting anxiously to hear anything from PANI!  Please keep praying for a speedy response!

In the meantime, we aren't just sitting around checking our email!  (Well, most of the time....)  We are fundraising and making some much-needed space in our home for our Ticos and their stuff!  We have 2 fundraisers coming up at the end of June!

1. Spaghetti Dinner
Our awesome church family decided to hold a spaghetti dinner fundraiser for us on Saturday, June 22, from 6-8pm at our church, Canal Fulton Christian Fellowship!  (2021 Locust St. S.  Canal Fulton, OH 44614).
Any and all are welcome!  Pass it on to your friends who like spaghetti!  We'll be there hanging out!  You can come ask us questions or pray for us or whatever!

2. Yard Sale!  And not just any yard sale!  Multi-family kid-stuff yard sale!  
Have I mentioned that we have the best small group in the world?!  Because we do!  We love our small group!  Over the past few months, we've been going through David Platt's book, Radical, and we've really been challenged by the true Gospel of Jesus and what our lives should look like because of it.  We all felt really convicted about the excess "stuff" in our homes, and when we suggested selling stuff to raise money for a Christian ministry or organization that is doing Kingdom work somewhere in the world, our small group members decided that they wanted us to have the money from the sale for our adoption!  We are so blessed!

The sale is Saturday, June 29, from 8-4 in Canal Fulton at 320 Locust St!  There will be kids' clothes, both boys and girls, from birth to probably size 6.  There will also be toys and household items and a bake sale, which my sweet kids are going to run to raise money to bring their Tico siblings home!

Help us spread the word!  And keep praying!  We feel your prayers!

The Eagle Has Landed

That's code for: "Our dossier has been submitted!!!!!"

When I first opened up the dossier manual and read the giant to-do list, I burst into tears.  So many more hoops to jump through!  And now after all of our hard work, money and emotional energy, it is finally in the hands of the people who can officially turn it into something beautiful.  Three precious children who have haunted both my waking and sleeping moments since before I even knew that they truly existed.  

And as we wait on word from Costa Rica, I rest in the knowledge that the children in this story have always been in the hands of the One who can make all things beautiful. Every detail of this journey has been in the hands of the One who brings redemption from brokenness. And for that, I am constantly thankful. 

We're so much closer--yet there are still so many i's to dot and t's to cross before it's all said and done.  Friends, please continue to cover us in your prayers.  The enemy has been at work in very tangible ways lately, and it's wearing my heart down.  And please pray for our paperwork to move lightning-fast through the government channels! We just want to bring our Ticos home!