Home Study Visit #1 Done!

This week has been kind of a disaster.  Let's see....where to start?  Well, let's start with last Friday.  I was running around like a crazy person trying to get everything ready for our last Super Saturday (a children's ministry event at church).  Then, I took my kids to my parents' house for our usual Friday night downtime.  We were all hanging out in the yard...my kids asked my mom to take them for a ride in the ranger, which is like a gator-a small off road vehicle that has a big bucket in the back to haul stuff...  I was minding my own business, swinging on a swing, checking FB on my phone when my kids asked if I would drive them in the ranger.  Sure, why not?  So I took them for a few spins around the yard.  Then, I hit the fence post and totally demolished the front right wheel and all that was connected to it rendering the beloved ranger completely useless.  Great.

Then, on Saturday, Landyn started complaining of a sore spot on her gums.  We checked it out, didn't see much, told her we'd keep an eye on it, and moved right along with our busy weekend.  

Sunday rolls around, and we go through our usual routine with a few Mother's Day extras.  Sunday evening, Landyn complained about her gums again.  We peeked around at her mouth and didn't find anything major.  Now, at 9pm when Landyn went to bed by herself without any books or snuggling, I should've known something was off.  At around 10, she started crying...but she was still asleep.  I kept trying to rouse her so she could tell me what was wrong, but she was incoherent.  She settled down and slept for a bit, but she was thrashing around and whimpering.  Landyn woke up 3 or 4 more times crying, but couldn't seem to tell us what was wrong.  It was unsettling.

I couldn't sleep that night because I just had this weird feeling of dread.  I kept checking on Landyn, but she seemed ok.  No fever.  No sickness.  More thrashing and whimpering.  

Monday morning, I woke Landyn up for school.  As soon as she sat up, I knew something was terribly wrong.  The whole right side of her face was more than twice its usual size.  Michael and I checked her mouth and discovered that she had 2 canker sores on the left side, but nothing obvious on the right.  She was still complaining about her gums....To make a very long story somewhat short, after seeing our pediatrician, who basically said, "I don't know.  Let's see what happens," and an emergency trip to the dentist (since I wasn't down with "waiting and seeing" what would happen to my daughter's ridiculously swollen face), we discovered she had an infected tooth. We were told to pick up an antibiotic and schedule an appointment with a pediatric dentist.  (We've had really bad ped. dentist experiences, so this was not good news...)  OH, and did I mention that Monday was one of my 3 days set aside to get ready for the home study visit?  Yeah, so clearly I got nothing done for that...

Tuesday, I called the ped dentist first thing and explained her symptoms.  The receptionist said, "Get here now."  Not what I wanted to hear, but what I kind of expected.  The tooth wasn't just infected, it was severely abscessed and wasn't draining and the infection was spreading into her face.  By late Tuesday morning, her right eye was starting to swell...  They had to do a semi-emergency tooth extraction, and Landyn actually did wonderfully!  No tears!  (I can't say the same for me.)  Well, that ate up all of Tuesday, which is the one day of the week that I work by myself in my office to prep for Wednesday night programs. 

Wednesday, Landyn felt well enough to go back to school, so I started attacking the clutter in our house in attempt to be somewhat prepared for our home study visit.  I didn't get much done-maybe 1/3 of the things on my 3.5 page list.  Not so good.

Then, I had Wednesday night kids' programs, which I was totally unprepared for.  I'm never unprepared.  It didn't go very well.  Plus I was super distracted and exhausted for my all-day cleaning spree.  

Thursday: The big day!  I got up at 7:15, got Landyn ready and out the door (after she missed her bus due to a meltdown over her wardrobe), and started working on my Home Study Prep To-Do List (which was still about 3 pages long).  And finally, things started getting done.  I was able to check entire rooms off of the list.  I even made the beds in our house, which never happens.  And when I told Asher that we were going to make his bed, he said, "Make it what??" Ha!  Oh, and I took down all of the blinds and soaked the dust off of them in the tub.  I'm sad to say that was the first time the blinds have been washed in 7 years of living in this house.  I'm not exactly a neat freak.  Don't get me wrong...I like things clean, but I don't like having to actually clean them.  My house was super clean.  And my mother-in-law even rode her mower over and started mowing the back...until she ran over the dog's chain (which I forgot to warn her about in my distractedness)...So, she had to push mow our super-tall backyard, which was exhausting.  I seriously felt bad. This week has been such a weird mix of good and bad. 

Side note: Here's our super-clean living room!  For those of you who have been to our house at all since we started remodeling the kitchen back in November, this room is probably now unrecognizable to you without all the kitchen clutter!

And wait for it....Made beds.  This is a rarity in our house!

And did I mention that in a moment of insanity, I decided it was absolutely necessary to paint Asher's room before the home study?  Yeah.  But at least it's done!

Nevertheless, we made it to 6 pm with a few minutes to spare.  I was able to check every single to-do item off of my ridiculous OCD list, and I even fed the kids some dinner before our social worker got here!  

The home study visit itself was actually an enjoyable experience!  We really enjoyed chatting with our social worker, M.  She is super easy to talk to, which made the whole visit seem like more like socialization than an evaluation.  Plus, our kids were very well-behaved last night!  During the first half hour, Asher crawled up between Michael and I and fell asleep.  And Landyn quietly played on the iPad and read books in her room.  I'm not going to lie--I kind of felt like SuperMom because my kids were so good!  Even the safety audit part wasn't nearly as intimidating as I expected.  

So, first one's done!  Now we have lots of training and paperwork to do before we meet again!  As rough as this week started out, it seems to be ending on a high note!  I'm relieved to be past this first part and now I'm excited to keep moving forward in our journey!  And if you want to know what's next in our journey, it's our Trash to Treasure fundraiser garage sale!  Check out my next blog post for more details on that!  As always, we appreciate your prayers for our family!