Trims for the Tiptons

We had our first big fundraiser event today, called Trims for the Tiptons, and it was awesome!  One of our friends from church, who is a hair stylist who is currently staying at home with her 3 precious boys, volunteered to cut hair to raise money for our adoption!  And from there, the ideas kept coming...  It ended up being a mini-spa day with massages, manicures (with awesome hand massages), facials, and hair cuts!  In the end, we raised more than $400!

Earlier this week, we mailed our home study application to the local agency we are working with!  And before we can schedule our home study, we have to pay half up-front ($600).  Over the past month (after a friend prayed that God would provide money that we don't expect), we received $300 from mostly anonymous sources!  And with our $431 today, that puts us over the top!  So, we are on to the home study phase (as soon as we clean up this kitchen remodeling mess and declutter)!  

I'm just feeling really blessed right now!  And now we're onto the next fundraising event: the giant garage sale!  We've received a few donations of stuff so far, and we're pretty much out of space at our house!  Thank God for our church family and church staff for allowing us to use people's basements and the church building for this!  Otherwise we'd be buried in stuff before this thing's all said and done!

But just because we're out of space at our little house (with no basement) doesn't mean that we don't need more stuff!!  As you're spring cleaning, please consider sending your "stuff" our way! We would greatly appreciate it!

Today at the event, we were talking about how even when we feel overwhelmed by things, that God is never overwhelmed.  He's already gone before us and prepared the way.  He's got a plan even when we have no idea what to do next.  And what God favors, He funds...(stole that from a friend), and He's definitely doing that for us!  This journey's starting to get pretty fun!

Well, it's been more than a month since I've posted anything at all...and that's mostly because there's not a whole lot happening on the adoption front.  And most of the time, I'm ok with this slow, steady pace!  We have so much going on in our lives right now that stuff often distracts me from the ache I have for those babies.  I don't usually feel overly anxious about rushing through this lengthy process....

But then I talk to other adopting families.  Families who started the process at the same time or even after us who are done with their home studies and awaiting or getting referrals for their babies!  And then I wonder if we're moving too slowly.  Should we have started fundraising earlier? Should we have already applied to our home study agency?  Should we have already worked through the online workbook that our agency sent us?  Isn't there something we should be doing right now other than waiting?

Ah, but then I remember that we can't do much without funds.  That home study is not going to pay for itself.  And even if we did hurry up and get the home study done, we have to raise more money for the step after that...and the one after that...and so on.  And for whatever reason, God has given us enough money to get this thing started, and now we have to rely on Him for the rest.  (And "the rest" is a whole lot!)

And so I've concluded that we're right where we're supposed to be.  Even if I don't understand why other people's journeys are shorter, quicker, cheaper...  Our journey is unique...and apparently a slow and steady one.  And I'm mostly ok with that.  Every once in awhile, I'm not.  But mostly, it's good.

So, in the meantime, we're fundraising!  One of our lovely friends from church is a talented hair stylist (who is now a stay-at-home mom of a toddler and twin baby boys), and she's doing a haircut fundraiser for us in a couple weeks!  And we have friends doing nails, facials, etc.  Girly stuff.  I guess we could almost call it a Spa Day, but went with Trims for the Tiptons.  :)  Anyway, that's taking place March 24 from 9:30-5ish.  And in the last few weeks, we've received $300 in donations...$200 of those were anonymous!!!  So, that's half of our home study app fee!

We're also gearing up for our big adoption fundraiser rummage sale!  It's going to be at our church on June 2, and we're getting some awesome donations coming in!  I'm hoping to at least have our fundraiser T-shirts done for that event...and maybe a few other little fundraisers.  I'm thinking about having my kids do a bake sale.  Honestly, I don't think anyone with a soul could say no to my son, Asher, if he asked, "Would you wike a ba-wonie??"  (In case you don't speak 3-year-old boy, that's: "Would you like a brownie?")  It's something to consider....

So, that's where things stand right now.  I guess we really are's just a very slow and steady pace!  Sometimes I think about the total amount of $ we have to raise to do this, and it seems impossibly huge!  But I've heard it said that where God guides, He provides.  So, I'm going to hold on to that!