thirty-one Fundraiser

So, one of our friends from church is having a thirty-one party/online sale to help us raise money!  From now until January 28, the thermal lunch totes are on sale.  The smaller ones are normally $15.  The thirty-one sale price advertised on their website is $10, but she is selling them for $13.  So, $3 from each purchase goes toward our adoption fund.  And also, the new Cinch-It-Up thermal totes are on sale for $18 (originally $20, on sale for $15, but with the $18, $3 of that goes to us).  And from what I understand (correct me if this is wrong, Kim!), you don't have to just order the thermal totes.  You can order other thirty-one products, too!  

The consultant who is handling the order is Kristine Crock.  (A big thank you to her for her help!!)
Her website is  
If you do place an order, please mention Kimberly Williams/Tipton adoption fundraiser somewhere in your order so that we get credit for the sale!  

And feel free to pass this along to your friends and family!  Thank you for blessing in this way!

Good Stuff

I don't know about you, but as much as I love the holidays, I'm kind of glad they're over!  I don't know if it's just me getting older, or if this year was particularly crazy, but by the end of last week, I was so eager to get back to our "normal" routine!  Maybe it was the 44 hours between Christmas and New Year's that I spent scraping wallpaper and painting the church nursery that sent me slightly over the edge...Or maybe it's the fact that our kitchen is in the process of being completely gutted and remodeled and my house is a constant wreck.  It's probably both and more.  

So now that most of the madness has settled down, I figured that it's time for a little blog update.  Some really cool stuff has happened over the past 2-3 weeks regarding our adoption process!  First, we picked a local agency for our home study!  They were recommended to us by a friend from church, and although they are not on our other agency's partner list, they are willing to work together!  The director of the local agency is amazingly knowledgeable about Colombia, which is obviously a plus!  She worked with an organization called KidSave, which brings older adoptable Colombian kids to the US for the summers to try to find families for them.  She told me, "Colombian children are delightful!"  (I think so, too, even though I've yet to meet one...)  And for me, I HATE talking on the phone, but I actually enjoyed talking to this lady!  Which is unusually cool!  Also, the total cost for the home study and follow-up visits through this agency is $1500 LESS than the other ones we looked into!!  Another big plus!

But before we can apply to the Ohio agency, we have to send our first major stack of application papers to our main agency along with the $500 fee...which we have!  So, now I have to give props to our family members who gave us $$$ for the adoption over Christmas!  Michael's mom, Janice, was the first to donate to our adoption fund through our PayPal account!  And my cousin, Shawn, and his wife, Jen, also generously donated to our adoption last week!  Plus I got a Christmas bonus from church.  So, check this out:  Janice's donation + Shawn and Jen's donation + my church bonus + the money from the envelope someone anonymously stuffed in my purse = $500!  God is good.  

Also, we've had tons of people who have already given us donations for the garage sale!  (Thank you if you're one of those people!)  We have some songs picked out for the CD, and Michael bought some computer techy stuff for recording!  We have some ideas for our t-shirts, but I can't decide if we should do "LOVE" or "AMOR" on the front...  So, things are moving along!  And at this point, I'm not really feeling anxious.  I'm comfortable with this slow and steady pace, which is surprising for me since I'm not patient at all!  

Please keep praying for us!  We need it!