And Here We Go....

Well, we have our mounds of paperwork to print and start filling out.  And with each application and each step, there's a fee...and the fees seem to get more expensive with each step.  So it's time to get serious!  Because we can fill out paperwork all day long, but we can't get it processed without some funds!

So, according to the blog fundraiser poll results, the top 2 choices are: (drumroll) 1. Record a worship CD and 2. Adoption fundraiser garage sale.  And we need your help with both of these!

First, the CD...We need suggestions for songs.  It would be great if they're public domain so we don't have to pay to record them, but it's ok if they're not.  Usually the fees to record copyrighted  Christian songs aren't too bad.  So, suggest away...

Second, the adoption garage sale fundraiser!  And this is the part where I feel a little awkward because I don't really like asking for help.  I'd much rather do things myself.  But I know we can't do this part on our own.  We need stuff.  With the stuff we've accumulated from our own crawl space and garage, we'd be lucky to make $35.  So, we need more stuff--your stuff!  We're looking at mid to late May for our fundraiser garage sale.  So, if between now and then, you find stuff that you don't want or need anymore, instead of dropping it off at Goodwill or giving it to Amvets, would you consider sending it our way?  We would appreciate it more than you'll ever know, and it will help bring a child home to a forever family!

Also, if you have friends, neighbors, family members, random acquaintances who have stuff, and if you feel comfortable asking them to donate it, would you consider doing that for us?  We will literally be eternally grateful!

And here's one more idea that I'd love feedback on:  LOVE t-shirts with Colombia as the "O."  Do you think these would sell??  Here's a really poorly-done mock-up (by me and my very limited computer skills)...  Michael can do a much nicer design with a cool font.

And here I have to thank the members of our CFCF church family who have offered to be a part of this journey with us by helping us with fundraising and by praying and encouraging us!  You know who you are!  We love you and we feel so blessed by your generosity and by your love for our family!